The vineyard

Wine and olives have been grown on the estate for over 200 years – the soil and the special Verona south eastern shore of Lake Garda have proven to be ideal for this. Morainic gravel, a mixture of sand, various rocks and earth add a fine, elegant taste to the wine.

We meet our high quality and taste demands by producing wine with a passion that corresponds to our philosophy. We take special care when pruning and selecting the grapes, which we then use to produce wines which are grape type specific with modern winemaking technology. The result of the wines produced in the DOP production area, are as elegant as our Chardonnay, the full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and the velvety Merlot. Thanks to the professional use of barrique barrels, our top wines such as VaSano and CanTanolo achieve complexity, structure and individuality without the sort-typical taste being lost.

Harvest takes place from mid-August, depending on the weather conditions. The start date depends on the individual grape varieties and the locations, as well as on the ripeness of the grapes. The grape harvest is traditionally done by hand for quality reasons. A special community experience that we are happy to invite you to!

Grape harvest

Peak season in the vineyards is during the period from mid-September to the end of October! Many volunteers are needed to help harvest the precious grapes. Winemakers, helpers and interested guests get together to work in the vineyard and learn about the background of the winery, the harvest and production and then enjoy a leisurely lunch with a wine tasting in the courtyard.

Wine tasting

After registration, we like to organise expert wine and olive oil tastings.

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